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Why equality, diversity and inclusion matters at the GDC

30 May, 2024

The GDC is the professional regulator for the dental team. Only those who are registered with us can practise dentistry in the UK.

We exist to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of the public and public confidence in the professions we regulate. We do this through our different functions as a regulator:

  • Setting and quality assuring standards for dental education and training in the UK
  • Only registering those who meet our requirements on education and training, health and good character
  • Setting standards of conduct, performance and ethics for the dental team
  • Supporting dental professionals to keep their skills up to date through our continuing professional development requirements
  • Investigating concerns about dental professionals’ Fitness to Practise (FtP) and taking action where appropriate.

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are central to our overarching objective of public protection, and to our strategic goals. Patients need safe and effective care and to be treated with respect and dignity. Dental professionals need to be equipped to provide this patient-centred care, and to work in an environment in which they are respected and treated fairly by employers, colleagues and patients. We have a responsibility, as both a professional regulator and an employer, to foster EDI.

In order to be an effective and inclusive regulator, we have a significant role in promoting EDI and identifying and tackling discrimination and inequality through each of our regulatory functions. All of our work around EDI should be informed and evidence based.

As a responsible and fair employer, we aim to work with our colleagues to ensure that they are valued for their uniqueness, are able to be authentic and feel a sense of belonging, without the need for conformity. We want to support the creation of a workplace culture that allows all individuals to thrive, regardless of their background, identity or circumstances.

Our vision describes the kind of organisation we want to be, and how we will go about our work.

Our vision: The GDC is an inclusive regulator

To promote inclusion and demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity in everything we do.