Apply for registration

​Registration with the GDC depends upon certain criteria. Here you can find out if you are able to apply for registration, if your qualifications may need to be individually assessed, or if you will need to pass the overseas registration exam before you can register.

Please note the rules for EEA-qualified dentists and dental care professionals will work differently from 1 January 2021, More information is available on our Brexit - information for dental professionals page.

It is possible to apply to join the register online. Currently, this is available for the following applicant types:

  • a UK qualified DCP or Dentist
  • an Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) applicant
  • a first time temporary registrant applicant
  • a dental care professional or dentist wanting to restore registration

If you are applying under one of the above applicant types you can access the online application process via eGDC and selecting 'Apply to register'. Online applications are not currently available for DCPs adding an additional title.

Following completion of the online application process you will be issued with a personalised application form to download, print, sign and submit along with your supporting documents.

Please note, you will be asked to complete the route to registration questionnaire via eGDC. If your application type is not available for the online process, you will be redirected to the appropriate web page for further information which may include a printable application form.

If you are unclear on which registration type to apply for please answer the  route to registration questionnaire, which will direct you to the correct application process.

Full registration is available to the following people:

  • Those with a  recognised UK dental qualification.

  • Those who have successfully passed the ORE or LDS.

  • Those with a  recognised overseas diploma gained before 01/01/01 from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia with the exception of BChD MEDUNSA, BDS awarded between 01/01/97 to 31/12/00 and BChD Western Cape awarded before 31/12/97.

Complete the route to registration questionnaire to find out more.

The professions that make up the dental care professionals group are dental nurse, dental technician, dental therapist, dental hygienist, orthodontic therapist and clinical dental technician.

Eligibility for registration

Full registration without assessment is available to the following people:

  • Those with a recognised UK qualification.  ​

Complete the route to registration questionnaire to find out more.

Please note dental nursing assistant or dental nursing assistant level 3 qualifications are not eligible for registration as a dental nurse with us. If you wish to qualify and go on to register as a dental nurse in the UK, please refer to our list of accepted qualifications, available here.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Eligibility for assessment

If you do not have a recognised UK qualification, please check the following points to see if you can have your qualification and/or experience assessed. If the assessment is successful, your name will be entered onto the DCPs Register. Assessment is available for the following people:

  • Those with a formal qualification from overseas.

Complete the  route to registration questionnaire to find out more.