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Our objectives

30 May, 2024

Our vision for EDI, which is to promote inclusion and demonstrate our commitment to equality and diversity in everything we do, requires us to articulate objectives that span those functions. We have developed an extensive programme of activity designed to achieve those objectives and ultimately to enable us to realise our vision.

Our objectives for 2024–25 are:

  1. Developing and supporting an inclusive profession that is equipped to provide patient-centred care to every patient
  2. Identifying and removing any barriers that patients, the public, dental professionals and partners encounter when engaging with us
  3. Making sure that our regulatory processes and the decisions we take are fair and consistent and embody the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion
  4. Making sure that our equality, diversity and inclusion action is guided and informed by insight gained through data, research, and feedback
  5. Embedding an inclusive workplace culture at all levels in the GDC where all staff feel welcomed, integrated, valued and included.