Common ORE application errors

Applications received that are in line with the prescribed guidance are processed significantly quicker than those which have incorrect information or missing documentation. Please use our application guidance notes when completing your application.

1. Your name(s) must be the exactly the same on all of your supporting documentation. If there are any variations in your name (including initials or names that appear on some documentation and not on others), you will need to obtain an affidavit or statutory declaration which has been witnessed by a solicitor or notary public. The declaration must list all the variations in your name and you must swear under oath that all the names listed are relating to you and that all the supporting documents submitted for your ORE application refers to you.

2. Sections 5 (declaration), 6 (character reference) and 7 (clinical reference) must be dated within three months of us receiving your application. In addition you must remember to sign section 5 before your character referee signs section 6 of the form.

3. Your Certificate of Current Professional Status must be dated within three months of us receiving your application.

4. We require a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) from the country where you qualified in addition to the country you last worked as a dentist. We cannot accept certificates of good standing from universities or from dental associations. The certificate must be from the dental regulator. If you cannot provide a CCPS from your country of qualification, you must provide a letter from the regulatory body stating the reasons for this and an affidavit, and it will be considered. Providing a CCPS is a mandatory requirement and any exception for special circumstances would need to be considered by the examinations team on a case by case basis.

5. Your declaration signature (section 5) must match your passport signature. We verify your signature with your passport at the examination so the signature on your application form must match your passport.

6. You must certify copies of your passport and degree certificate in accordance with the application guidelines (Supporting documents section).

7. You must provide your ENIC statement of comparability (letter). We do not accept ENIC certificates.

8. Undergraduate clinical references (section 7) must be stamped by the Dean or the Dean’s office at your University.