Dentist treating patient
  • Concerns

    If you're not happy with the treatment or service you have had, it's usually best to tell the practice directly - they may be able to sort out the problem there and then. If the problem is so serious that you think the dental professional could cause significant harm, you can raise your concerns with us.

The General Dental Council (GDC) can look into serious concerns about the ability, health or behaviour of a dental professional that suggest the professional could cause significant harm to patients, colleagues or the general public, or undermine public confidence in the dental profession.

Some common examples include serious or repeated mistakes in patient care, fraud, discrimination and any serious criminal offences or convictions.

We can also look into individuals who provide dental treatment (including tooth whitening), despite not being registered with the GDC.

Patient at help desk

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from a dental professional, we recommend discussing your concerns early on with the individual or other management staff at the premises where you received your treatment. They may be able to sort the issue out quickly.

Handling concerns about dental practice

As the UK regulator for dental professionals, we have a legal duty to review concerns we receive about a registrant’s clinical performance/ability, behaviour/conduct or health.