Specialist lists

Update: Following a pause on the assessment of specialist list assessed applications (‘mediated entry’ applications) due to the impact of COVID-19, both the GDC and Specialist Advisory Committees (SACs) have resumed the assessment process. Please note timeframes may increase whilst the initial expected peak of applications are progressed.

The specialist lists are lists of registered dentists who meet certain conditions and are entitled to use a specialist title. You do not have to join a specialist list to practise any particular specialty, but you can only use the title 'specialist' if you are on that list.

You can find a specialist by searching the GDC register.

The revised purpose and criteria of the specialist lists are available on the education pages.

What fields can dentists specialise in?

Visit the Education pages for a full list of specialist titles. Dentists on these lists have met minimum standards of training, as determined by European and GDC regulations.

Entry on to the lists

If you wish to apply to join one or more of the specialist lists, please download the relevant application form. To be listed you must be eligible under one of the agreed entry criteria.

UK qualified-applicants: Certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST)

If you hold full GDC registration and have completed a specialist training programme approved by the GDC, you may apply for the award of a certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) and entry onto the relevant specialist list.

Applications for approved training programmes must be submitted to your regional postgraduate dental dean who will monitor you throughout your period of training. At the end of your training you must hold the agreed qualification awarded by one of the three Royal Surgical Colleges: the Royal College of Surgeons England, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the  Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. You must fulfil all entry, training and assessment criteria to be eligible for the award of a CCST.

For information about the availability of training programmes in your area and information on how to apply, contact your local  postgraduate dental deanery.

All other entry criteria

Please refer to the relevant application form and corresponding guidance notes detailing all other entry criteria for entry onto the specialist lists.

Restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics

If you have completed a GDC-recognised specialist training programme and been awarded a CCST in restorative dentistry under the pre-2009 curriculum, you may also apply for a CCST and entry to the specialist lists in one or more of the former mono-specialties – endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics - provided you submit a separate application for each. For further information, please refer to our policy statement on restorative dentistry

The GDC is currently working with the SACs to revise the specialty curricula. Further to approval these will be published on our website in September 2022.