Specialist list application pack

Application forms for entry to specialist lists:

Oral surgery specialist list application form

Orthodontics specialist list application form

Other specialties application form

Please download the relevant application form and carefully read all the guidelines when preparing your application to ensure that you are applying via the appropriate route.

You will need to submit a separate application for each speciality you wish to apply for.

If you have completed the GDC-approved specialty training leading to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST), please do not use the application forms above. We will forward the application forms for the award of a CCST and entry onto the relevant specialist list to you once we have received the Form of Recommendation from the UK regional deanery under which you trained.

Assessed application on the basis of academic or research work

When preparing an application for entry to any of the specialist lists on the basis of academic or research experience, please refer to the guidance first.

Exempt person status

When preparing your application for entry to any of the specialist lists, certain routes to entry require the registrant to demonstrate exempt person status. Please read the guidance on exempt person status for further information.

Complete applications

Applications are considered complete when the applicant has provided all the necessary documentation outlined in the application form. In all cases we require original or certified copies of documentary evidence.

The GDC encourages applicants to be explicit with the evidence they submit for assessment. Evidence submitted for entry to the Specialist List will be assessed on the basis of equivalence to the training leading to the award of a CCST by the Royal College of Surgeons of England’s Specialist Advisory Committee Application Panel (SACAP).

Processing Times

Applications for entry onto a specialist list without assessment may take up to six weeks.

Applications for entry onto a specialist list requiring assessment may take up to four months from the date of an application is considered as being complete.


Registrants applying to join the specialist lists will need to submit the specialist registration fee of £345 (per specialty) with their application. If you are applying for entry in November or December, you will also need to pay the annual specialty retention fee of £72 (per specialty) for the following year. Payment will be processed once an application has been confirmed as successful for the following year.

If you are enclosing original documents with your application and would like these returned by recorded delivery, please add £10 to your fee.