New programme submissions

If an education provider proposes to deliver a new programme that will lead to GDC registration, they are required to demonstrate how the programme will meet the Standards for Education. Please contact the GDC’s Education Quality Assurance team if you would like to discuss this further – we are happy to help, or you can view the full new programme submission process.

Providers need to complete an online form and a curriculum mapping document that describes how the programme will meet the Standards and what evidence is, or will be, available to prove this. Providers will also need to demonstrate how they will achieve the relevant learning outcomes by completing the curriculum mapping table and indicating where and how each outcome will be assessed in the programme. We will also want to see how behaviours will be monitored by providers.

The curriculum mapping table is specific for the programme type you are applying to deliver:


Dental hygienist

Dental therapist

Dental nurse

Dental technician

Clinical dental technician

Orthodontic therapist

The documentary evidence and mapping documents are reviewed by a panel of our education associates. They will then make a recommendation on whether the programme is likely to meet the Standards and learning outcomes. This recommendation is presented to the Registrar who makes a final decision on whether to grant provisional approval of the programme. If so, the programme will be subject to a full inspection for full approval.

If you have any questions or wish to start a new submission, please contact the Education Quality Assurance Team.