Paediatric Dentistry

    Paediatric Dentistry is the practice, teaching and research in comprehensive oral health care for children and young people. Patients of paediatric dentistry range from 0-16 years, at which stage patients transition to adult oral health services. The reason for this distinction is that children and young people are unique in their stages of development, oral disease, behaviour, and oral health needs and identifies oral health as part of general health and wellbeing which contributes to the development of a healthy child. 

    The paediatric dentist should be able to lead and deliver the oral health care management of a child and young person in an outpatient, primary care, sedation based and general anaesthetic environment including multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary care. The specialist should provide information to inform and support health care professionals and other partners to help improve oral health and provision of services within the wider health care setting.

    The curriculum can be found here.