Oral Microbiology

    Oral Microbiology is the speciality concerned with the prevention and optimal management of infection involving primarily the mouth, face, and neck regions.

    This includes oversight of diagnostic services and liaison with clinicians to support optimal patient care; advising on the prevention of infection transmission during dentistry including appropriate decontamination; and the optimal use of antimicrobial agents to reduce drug resistance. Specialists are involved in the development of guidelines for infection control and decontamination and in the surveillance of infection to monitor resistance and inform antimicrobial prescribing.

    Oral Microbiology relies on multidisciplinary collaboration including within dentistry, infectious diseases and medical microbiology, public health, and engineering disciplines.  The specialty has close links with academia and contributes to education, training, and research.

    The next curriculum will take effect for all new specialty trainees by September 2024.

    The current curriculum can be found here.