The Executive Team

The Council is supported by around 370 staff, led by the Interim Chief Executive and Registrar, Gurvinder Soomal, and the other members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

The Executive Leadership Team

There are four directorates in the organisation: Regulation, Corporate Resources, Legal and Governance, and Strategy. 

The Interim Chief Executive and the four Executive Directors form the ELT, which leads the delivery of the strategic aims set by the Council.

ELT is responsible for:

  • leading and supporting the delivery of GDC’s services and operations and improving their quality and efficiency
  • implementing the corporate strategy approved by Council
  • business planning and budgeting
  • identifying and reporting to the Council strategic risks and ensuring that ownership for each risk is allocated at the right level with clear accountability
Executive Team
Photograph of Clare Paget

Clare Paget

Clare was appointed as the GDC’s Interim Executive Director, Legal and Governance in March 2024. She is a qualified solicitor ...

Executive team
Photograph of Theresa Thorp

Theresa Thorp

Theresa joined the GDC in September 2023 as Executive Director, Regulation. Theresa is a Solicitor-Advocate (Criminal), with over 15 years’ ...

Executive Team
Stefan Czerniawski

Stefan Czerniawski

Stefan joined the GDC as the Executive Director, Strategy in October 2019 and is responsible for policy and research, communications ...

Executive Team
Gurvinder Soomal

Gurvinder Soomal

Gurvinder is the Interim Chief Executive and Registrar. He has been with the GDC since July 2008 and was brought in ...

Executive Team
Photograph of woman Samantha Bache

Samantha Bache

Samantha was appointed as the Interim Chief Operating Officer in November 2023.  Samantha is a Chartered Certified Accountant and joined ...