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Our approach

30 May, 2024

This strategy sets out our ambitions, priorities and actions for 2024 and 2025. This is deliberately a shorter period than previous strategies because we plan to achieve a better, closer and clearer alignment between our overall corporate strategy and our EDI goals, making our commitment to EDI more explicit in our corporate strategy for 2026–2028.

We will be developing that strategy over the next 12 months, and articulating and planning the activity that will enable us to achieve our strategic ambitions. Incorporating our EDI goals into those ambitions also gives us an opportunity to consult registrants, stakeholders and the public on what is important to them.

While we develop and consult on that strategy, we are working towards a set of objectives derived from our existing strategic objectives and the Council’s articulated ambitions in respect of EDI. These objectives, and the activity we plan to undertake to achieve them, are set out in this document.  

In bringing this strategy together, we have referred to and used a range of information, including our overarching legal obligations, previous EDI strategies and action plans, the PSA’s standards (particularly the new standard relating to evidence on EDI) the outputs of our research programme and the results of staff surveys and engagement.

We have developed it against a backdrop of considerable change for the sector and the GDC, so we are using this opportunity to align our EDI ambitions to our statutory and strategic objectives and set ambitious but achievable goals. This strategy therefore reflects our roles both as regulator and employer.

This strategy is supported by an action plan, which details the work being undertaken in pursuit of our EDI priorities and objectives and to monitor our progress.