Dental specialty education and training

In 2015, the Council adopted the Standards for Specialty Education, for use in quality assuring specialty education in the UK. The Standards set quality requirements for all UK education and training programmes and specialty examinations leading to inclusion on one of the GDC's specialist lists.

The current edition of the Standards for Specialty Education was published in January 2019. This revision was informed by the results of a pilot quality assurance process and a public consultation.

Quality assurance of specialty education and training

Since 2019 the GDC has been quality assuring specialty training against the Standards for Specialty Education. 

The available reports can be found under the respective training commissioner or examination provider listed below:

NES quality assurance report March 2021. NES Specialty monitoring update - February 2022

Review of Specialty Quality Assurance process

The first round of specialty quality assurance of specialty training programmes and examinations has concluded. The GDC has subsequently launched a consultation with stakeholders to review the specialty quality assurance process. 

Entry on to the Specialist Lists 

There are 13 Specialist Lists. Dentists on these lists must have met minimum standards of training, as determined by European and GDC regulations. 

Please refer to the Specialist Lists page for advice to registrants on joining the GDC's Specialist Lists.