Annual renewal and fees

Dental professionals pay a fee to register with us and an annual fee to remain on our register. They also need to complete the annual renewal process each year.

Annual renewal for dental care professionals (DCPs) is during the weeks leading up to 31 July and for dentists during the weeks leading up to 31 December. Here we explain how it works.

Dental professional using a pc

1. Make an Indemnity Declaration

Registrants must declare that they have or will have indemnity appropriate to their scope of practice every year. If you are not currently practising but wish to maintain your registration you still need to make the declaration.

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2. Pay the Annual Retention Fee (ARF)

The Annual Retention Fee (ARF) is the fee all registered dentists and dental care professionals must pay each year to remain on the dentists register or dental care professionals register.

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3. Make a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement

We require all registrants to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their registration. You should make a statement declaring the hours you have undertaken each year.

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Registration fee

Registration fee

The registration fee is the fee you pay to enter your name onto the Register.

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Registration application fee

Registration application fee

Find out how much your application fee will be.

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Restoration fee

Restoration fee

You will need to pay a fee to restore your name to the register.

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