Additional DCP titles

Can I add an additional title?

If you are already registered as a Dental Care Professional (DCP) and have since qualified in another area, you can request the relevant DCP title to be added to the register.

How do I apply to add an additional title?

UK qualified applicants

If you completed your additional qualification in the UK, please complete all sections of the application form below and return it to us. Please note that you are not able to apply for additional titles using the online application system.

DCP Application form

Once you have completed your form and gathered all of the necessary documentation please send your application to the following address:

General Dental Council
1 Colmore Square
B4 6AJ

Overseas qualified applicants

Please complete the online form to make your request for an application pack if your additional qualification is from outside the UK.

Is there a fee to add a title?

There is an application fee to process your application to include an additional title(s). The fee is dependant on whether your qualification is obtained in the UK or overseas.

There is a £12 fee to add a title to your registration. However, there is no additional Annual Retention Fee for any extra DCP titles you have.

How long will it take?

If your additional qualification is from the UK, we will endeavour to assess your application within 10 working days from the date we receive it, however this timeframe can increase during peak processing times.

If your additional qualification was gained outside the UK, we will endeavour to assess your application within four months from the date we received it.  

Please note that delays can occur if your form is not completed correctly and/or if there are any concerns raised within your application which will require us to assess it further before we can register you.

Please ensure that you have included all of the documents requested, to avoid delays in processing. ​