Information for CPD providers

We do not provide CPD but we do set the standards for CPD. 

We have produced guidance for CPD providers to ensure activities and evidence meet our requirements. Our guidance also provides details on how CPD should be quality assured.  

Ensuring certificates support verifiable CPD

Dental professionals need to retain evidence that the CPD they’ve completed meets our requirements and can be verified. That evidence is normally a certificate of completion supplied by the CPD provider. The certificate must provide all relevant details to be accepted.  

Certificates of completion from providers should include:

  • CPD subject, learning content, aims, and objectives
  • participant’s GDC registration number
  • anticipated GDC development outcome(s) delivered by the activity
  • date the CPD was done
  • total number of CPD hours 
  • name of the person who participated in the CPD activity
  • confirmation that the CPD has been quality assured, including the name of the person or body responsible
  • confirmation the information is full and accurate.

The CPD you provide needs to meet these requirements for it to be considered verifiable CPD and for dental professionals to be able to record it with us.

Quality assurance for CPD

CPD activities need to have some form of quality assurance for them to be considered verifiable CPD. We do not quality assure CPD.

We encourage dental professionals to:

  • ask CPD providers about their quality assurance processes
  • consider what quality assurance has been done
  • make careful choices about CPD
  • seek out quality CPD representing value for money. 

Providing a CPD certificate with all necessary details will reassure dental professionals that your CPD as been quality assured and is therefore verifiable.

Recommended CPD topics

We provide recommendations on CPD topics for dental professionals, but they’re not compulsory or a requirement for registration. 

Further information

Further advice can be found in our guidance for CPD providers