About the Dental Leadership Network

With a stretched system, many patients finding it difficult to access dental services and ongoing economic uncertainty and stress - leadership in dentistry is needed now more than ever.

The Dental Leadership Network was formed in response to this and lays the groundwork for collaboration with others, so that we can share insight and resolve some of the leadership challenges in the sector.

Members of the Network

The network is made up of people who hold leadership positions in the dental profession or who have a significant impact or influence across the sector. It includes:

  • industry leaders from across the profession, including professional associations, employers and defence unions
  • policy makers working in government or other system regulators with a role in shaping policies related to dentistry or healthcare
  • dental educators, teachers or trainers of dental professionals, such as Dental Deans or lead tutors in dental schools
  • charities and patient advocators supporting patients and improving oral health and wellbeing for the public.

Dental Leadership Network Working Group

A working group was set up to help shape the agenda for Dental Leadership Network events and to support the planning of events. Find out more and see the terms of reference of the Dental Leadership Network Working Group.