Registration reports

Annual registration reports

Our annual registration reports provide a snapshot of statistical data on the registration of dentists and dental care professionals from the GDC Registers over a full year, including:

  • the total number of dental professionals by title
  • the equality and diversity profile of the Registers
  • annual statistics relating to additions and removals, and the categories of those changes.

Registration report - 2019

This report supplements the data we provided in our 2019 Annual Reports and Accounts (ARA).

Monthly registration reports

Our monthly registrant reports give details about professionals on our registers, including:

  • total number of registrants
  • types of registrants - including breakdown by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by the registered address
  • numbers of dentists on specialist lists.​​

Please note, these reports provide a snapshot of the register on the date they were published. Due to constant updates, additions, and removals, register numbers change on a daily basis.

From September 2020, monthly registration reports will be published on the 15th of each month to enable a like-for-like comparison. Should the 15th fall outside of normal working hours, reports will be published on the next working day.