The Health Committee

The Health Committee is a statutory Committee of the Council. It is one of three Practice Committees. The Health Committee considers cases where it appears that a dental professional’s ability to practise is effected by a physical or mental health condition.

After consideration of the allegation(s) referred to it, the Health Committee may:

  • conclude that the registrant’s fitness to practise is not impaired and close the case
  • issue a reprimand
  • impose conditions for up to 36 months (with a review) (immediate conditions can be applied if required), or
  • suspend the registrant for up to 12 months (with or without a review) (immediate suspension can be applied if required).

The Health Committee may refer the case back to the Case examinersInvestigating Committee or to either of the other Practice Committees.

In the interests of public accountability, hearings before the Health Committee are generally open to the public. There may be exceptions such as:

  • The hearing being heard in private due to the interests of the parties.
  • For the protection of the personal life of the registrant.
  • If the Committee considers that publicity would prejudice the interests of justice.

Membership of the Health Committee is drawn from the fitness to practise panellists who are both dental professionals and lay members.

The rules governing the procedures of the Health Committee are the General Dental Council (Fitness to Practice) Rules Order of Council 2006.

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The current guidance in use for the Health Committee is Guidance for the Practice Committees - including sanctions guidance.