There are several types of GDC inspection. Listed below is an overview of each of these activities:  

  • Risk-based The risk-based model is informed by monitoring, inspections, and other intelligence. 

  • New programmes All new programme submissions will require a full inspection in the year of the first graduating cohort.  

  • Awarding organisations Awarding organisations (AO) will be required to demonstrate how they are assured that centres delivering their programme are meeting the Standards for Education.  

  • Urgent inspection An urgent inspection will take place when significant concerns have been identified from annual monitoring or a third party.  

  • Targeted inspection In times of national or international crisis (such as that of the global pandemic 2020), we may carry out targeted inspections to ensure that the current cohort of students are graduating at a safe practitioner level.
  • Re-inspection A re-inspection will occur where series actions were identified at a recent inspection, and which need follow up before the next routine monitoring exercise.  

Download our inspection guidance for more information. 

All inspection reports are approved by the GDC Registrar and can be found on the Approved providers page.