Application reference checks

Once a new application has been checked, all references have been verified and documents have been processed you will be added to the waiting list for the ORE Part 1 examination.

Our team contact every referee by email asking to verify their ORE reference. You will only be able to book onto an exam once satisfactory references have been received and verified. The referee will be contacted again if no response has been received after five days. If a referee does not respond within 15 days, our exams team will contact you in writing, advising you of the delay to your application and asking you to contact your referee directly.

If there is no further response from the referee, we will return your application and supporting documents. On average we currently estimate that it takes one month from the date an application is received to the date you will join the ORE waiting list.

If you have any further questions on application reference checks, contact our team.