Finance and Performance Committee

The role of the Finance and Performance Committee (FPC) is to challenge and monitor the executive on financial and other performance, work with the executive to develop an appropriate and proportionate data set to enable the board to carry out its functions, and to provide guidance to the executive on major operational matters such as property strategy, investment and technology development.

The committee is also responsible for working with the executive in developing the GDC's financial strategy, including assisting the executive in developing the business plan (which includes the annual budget), and the rolling three-year business plan, and to assist the Council in reaching its decision on the business plan and the corporate plan.

The framework for the delegation of powers to the committee is set out in Standing Orders


Lay Council member, Chair of Remuneration and Nomination Committee, Finance and Performance Committee
Anne Heal

Anne Heal

Anne Heal is an experienced non-executive director who currently holds positions at the Office of Road and Rail, Elexon and ...

Registrant Council member, Finance and Performance Committee
Image shows Council memebr Donald Burden

Donald Burden

Donald Burden was born in Scotland and completed his undergraduate dental degree at Queen’s University Belfast. Following graduation he worked ...

Lay Council member, Finance and Performance Committee
Photograph of Ilona Blue

Ilona Blue

Ilona is an experienced non-executive director and executive leader with a successful track record in finance, governance and programme delivery ...

Senior Independent Council member, Chair of Finance and Performance Committee
Terry Babbs

Terry Babbs

Terry currently holds a number of other Non-Executive Director positions. He is Chair of HMRC's Valuation Office Agency-the public sector's ...