Legal framework, Rules and Standing Orders 

The Council operates under a legal framework provided by both primary and secondary legislation.

Primary legislation refers to the main laws passed by the legislative bodies of the UK. For the GDC, the Dentists Act 1984 provides our primary legal framework.

Secondary legislation is used to detail practical measures that enable the primary legislation law to be enforced and operate in daily life and can be created by ministers (or other bodies) under powers given to them by primary legislation.

Statutory instruments

A number of statutory instruments provide the detailed legal framework that we operate under.

There are several statutory instruments that refer to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), these provide details around appealing CPD decision, recording and submitting evidence of CPD, erasure and restoration.

There is also a great deal of detail about all aspects of Fitness to Practise (FtP) proceedings provided in secondary legislation.

Indemnity arrangements are also given further detail through a statutory instrument.

There are statutory instruments that provide detailed rules about registration, covering appeals and the overseas registration examination.

Our governance arrangements are also detailed through secondary legislation, including constitution of committees and the election and appointment of members, and various procedures.  

Rules and Standing Orders

The relevant legislation around Rules and Standing Orders made by the Council around how it will conduct its business are available in the following guidance documents:

Terms of Reference for non-statutory Standing Committees