How to apply for the ORE

Please review and understand the information below before starting an application for the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE). You can apply for the ORE online on eGDC by selecting ‘apply to join our registers’. You should complete the route to registration questionnaire after you have read the relevant guidance. Select the options that apply to you in the questionnaire to get to the ORE Application.

Do not complete the Dentist Overseas Qualified Application, unless you hold a recognised overseas qualification. Completing the wrong form will delay the process.

We ask you to pay an application processing fee of £96. You will need to pay this fee before you can download the full ORE application form. You can only book a place on the ORE after completing this process.

The application processing fee is charged each time an application is made. If an application has a missing requirement, we will allow one resubmission without charge, if returned within 28 days.

Application form and guidance notes

You will be issued with a personalised application form to download, complete and sign. All signatures must be in ink - we do not accept electronic signatures. Submit your completed application with all supporting documents. You must make sure we receive the form no later than three months after you have completed and signed it.

Read the following guidance carefully before applying:

The guidance notes are also included within the application form and you must make sure that you submit the correct supporting documents.

We only accept applications that include a ENIC Statement of Comparability in addition to a copy of your primary dental degree certificate.

Incomplete or out of date applications cannot be processed and will be returned. Please use the checklist in the form before submitting.

Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are available to applicants who might find using the online eGDC route to registration difficult. Contact us to request a reasonable adjustment.

Inactive ORE candidates

Those who successfully complete the ORE application process are added to our candidate list, and are free to book an ORE place.

We occasionally identify and remove inactive candidates from the candidate list. These are candidates who are eligible but have not booked or, attempted to book, onto any Part 1 sitting.

We do this so that the candidate list includes only those who are actively interested in sitting the ORE and have met the necessary entry requirements, which can be subject to change.

Candidates have five years to pass the ORE Part 2 from the date they first attempt to pass the ORE Part 1.

What happens next

When we receive your application, we will:

When you have successfully completed your application, we will email you instructions for setting up your eGDC account. Once you have set up your account you will be able to reserve an ORE place using eGDC.

The time to process your application will depend on the receipt of complete and satisfactory applications, references and supporting documents.

Read our answers to FAQs or contact us if you have an enquiry.