Registration Appeal Committee

The Registration Appeals Committee (RAC) operates under the General Dental Council (Registration Appeals) Rules Order of Council 2006.

Each RAC must consist of not fewer than three members from the Fitness to Practise panelist pool – including at least one lay and one dental member. The Committee is advised on matters of law and procedures by a legal adviser (a barrister, advocate or solicitor of not less than 10 years standing). The appellant called before the RAC may attend the hearing and may choose to be represented by a barrister and solicitor.

RAC considers appeals from dental professionals made against the Registrar for the following reasons:

  • Refused registration.
  • Removed from the Register (but not by a Practice Committee).
  • Not restored to the Register (but not by a Practice Committee).

The Committee hears a registration appeal in public unless they are satisfied that, in the interests of justice or for the protection of the private or family life the appellant or any other person, the public should be excluded from all or part of the hearing. The Committee can dismiss the appeal or allow the appeal and quash the decision of the Registrar.