Facts and figures

We regularly produce facts and figures about our work and organisation.

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Annual reports

Our annual reports contain information about:

  • Registers: e.g. number and type of registrants, whether new registrants qualified overseas or in the UK.
  • Fitness to practise and hearings: e.g. numbers of complaints, sources, themes of complaint at hearings.
  • Finance.

Gender pay gap

The GDC is committed to promoting equality; valuing diversity; being inclusive and meeting our equality duties. As part of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, the GDC are required to publish information on our gender pay gap.

View the 2023 gender pay gap report here. You can also download our previous reports below:

​Performance reports to Council

The Council has delegated detailed scrutiny and monitoring of organisational performance to its non-statutory Committees. This will include analysis of data around our Registration processes, our quality assurance of dental education, our fitness to practise caseload and the Dental Complaints Service. These Committees report publicly to the Council at its quarterly meetings. The Council also receives an annual overall organisational performance report that it discusses in public session. The annual performance report and quarterly assurance reports given by the Committee Chairs can be downloaded from Council meeting papers.

Registrant reports

Our monthly registrant reports give details about professionals on our registers, including:

  • Total number of registrants.
  • Types of registrants - including breakdown by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by the registered address.
  • Numbers of dentists on specialist lists.​​