Registration application fees

Our registration application fees are for first registration (on the UK’s registers of dental professionals). These fees cover the costs relating to applications and are  made up of two parts; a flat rate to cover processing costs, and a variable rate to cover the costs of assessing the type of application.

This variable element results in six bands of fee, depending of the complexity of the assessment. The six bands are:

  • Dentists: You hold a primary dentistry qualification from a UK provider.
  • DCPs: You hold a primary DCP qualification from a UK Provider.
  • DCP additional titles: You are on the DCP register, and you have since completed an additional DCP qualification from a UK provider . You wish to add this DCP title to your registration.
Processing feeAssessment feeTotal fee


Processing feeAssessment feeTotal fee


  • Overseas qualification: You hold a primary qualification in a profession complementary to dentistry, obtained outside the UK.
Processing feeAssessment feeTotal fee


  • Overseas qualification: You are on the DCP register (or you are in the process of applying for registration under another title - see FAQ below) and you are seeking to add a further DCP title based on a qualification obtained outside the UK
Processing feeAssessment feeTotal fee


You are a dentist who is not currently eligible for full registration to practise in the UK. You have been offered a supervised post for training, teaching or research purposes only, for a limited time period.

Processing feeAssessment feeTotal fee

The fees apply to almost all applications for first registration. Applications for restoration and temporary registration renewal will remain exempt from a fee until further notice.

In addition, applications to join a specialist list do not attract an initial application fee as they are held on a list (as opposed to a register) and are already subject to a fee.



The registration application fee covers the costs relating to applications.

Application Fees are typically non-refundable. The registration application fee is made up of two elements: a processing fee and an assessment fee.

1. Processing Fee

The application processing fee is strictly non-refundable. The fee covers the cost of basic application processing, which begin as soon as the application is received and therefore incurred on every application.

2. Assessment Fee
The assessment fee may be refundable, in limited circumstances. Refunds will be considered if:

  • it is immediately clear that an application will not be successful prior to any assessment work having commenced, and
  • it is an exceptional circumstance. Circumstances are exceptional if they are severe, unforeseen and outside the control of the applicant.
Similarly to the processing of applications, the processing of refund requests also incurs costs. To minimise these costs, refund decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Therefore, when submitting a refund request, it is essential that all relevant paperwork and supporting evidence is provided at the time of the request.
For guidance on how to submit a refund application or further information, please contact us.

You will be required to pay the application fee again if you re-apply. It is important to ensure any application you provide is complete, as per the application requirements, at the point of first submission.

The primary method of payment is by credit or debit card through your online eGDC account. You will be provided with information and instructions to make payment. Please contact us if you have any questions about payment methods. 
The registration application fee is to cover the costs relating to applications. The registration fee is charged for entering your name onto the register. It covers you from the month you are registered through to the end of your registration cycle year. The fee payable is dependent on the month your application is completed. Payment is not requested until your application has been checked and meets all requirements for registration. 
No. The two fees are completely separate and are charged for different purposes.
The GDC analysed how much time and resource different types of applications take to process. The fees are made up of two parts; a flat rate to cover processing costs, and a variable rate to cover the costs of assessing the type of application. This variable element results in six bands of fee (see information above), depending of the complexity of the assessment

We recommend you send your application via registered post to allow you to track its delivery.

Please follow the route to registration questionnaire. Upon completing the relevant ‘Proforma’ on eGDC, the registration team will provide you with the correct application pack.  

It is important you have the appropriate funds available when you submit your application and, after we have received your application via post, you will be sent an email requesting payment via eGDC. The registration team will not start processing your application until the fee has been paid. If you do not pay the fee within the prescribed timeframe, see payment email, your application will be returned to you. 

If your application for multiple additional titles is received on the same day, the processing part of the fee is only chargeable once. If an assessment fee is applicable (i.e. you hold a non-UK qualification), this will be chargeable for each additional title. This is because an individual assessment is required for each title.

No. The only fees you pay to sit the ORE Part 1 and Part 2 are the examination fees required at the time of booking an examination place. These are completely separate from the registration application fee. Once you have successfully completed both parts of the ORE, you can apply for registration. See the table above for the registration application fee.

Please contact us before you apply if you are uncertain of your route to registration or the application requirements. We can assist you in ensuring you apply via the correct registration pathway.