Review of Education

The Review of Education is a periodic report typically covering a two-year period which provides an overview of the GDC’s education quality assurance activity.  

The Review is approved by Council and circulated to providers and stakeholders concerned with the education of dental professionals. 

Each Review usually contains the following:

  • a review of inspections undertaken with a summary of findings, key challenges for education providers, areas of good practice and areas for development and learning points. The most recent inspection reports can be found at the Latest inspections page 
  • a review of monitoring activity and a summary of findings
  • engagement activity which includes details on surveys undertaken, stakeholder meetings, workshops and student engagement activity
  • a review of the quality assurance of specialty training. Reports for training commissioners and examination providers can be found at the dental specialty training page
  • recent policy developments
  • a review of previous themes that were addressed or are ongoing
  • future themes that will be addressed
  • the future direction of education policy
  • identification of key recommendations for education providers to action
  • progress against recommendations identified in the previous Review.

The Review also serves to stimulate wider debate about what is working well and those areas where providers find it more challenging to fully meet our Requirements within the Standards for Education.

We would welcome feedback from our stakeholders on these reports and their findings as well as suggestions for themes we might consider in future years by contacting the Education Quality Assurance team.

Review of Education 2012-2013

Review of Education 2013-2014

Review of Education 2014-2016

Review of Education 2016-2018

Review of Education 2018-2019

Review of Education 2019-2021