Latest inspections

We quality assure existing and new education and training programmes leading to registration for dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs). We do this through regular monitoring and inspection activity. You can check your UK qualifications and the latest inspection report using the links below.

Inspection reports

When we carry out an inspection, we select and appoint a panel of education associates based on their knowledge and experience of delivering dental education. The panel typically involves two to three registered dental professionals, and always includes a lay member, who chairs the panel.

Ahead of the inspection, the associates review documentary evidence sent by the education provider, which includes programme mapping to the Standards for Education and the GDC’s learning outcomes as detailed in Preparing for Practice. At the inspection, the panel may have further questions for senior staff, students and outreach staff.

Following the inspection, a report is drafted based on the findings of the inspection panel. The panel makes a recommendation to determine whether the programme is likely to meet the Standards for Education and the GDC’s learning outcomes. The provider then has the opportunity to provide factual corrections and observations on the report. The final report, with an overall recommendation, is then presented to the GDC Registrar who makes a final decision on whether to grant new or continuing approval for BDS programmes and sufficiency for DCP programmes.  

Listed by provider, we have provided links to the most recent GDC inspection reports for each programme. Please note that the first report for a programme will not be published until the year the first cohort graduates, or later, if a decision on the programme's ongoing approval (BDS) or sufficiency (DCP) for registration cannot be made at that point. At the end of each report, we record observations received from the provider on the contents of the report and outline any follow-up actions and recommendations made by the GDC.  

You can find the latest inspection reports on the programme and qualification pages listed below:

If you cannot find your qualification listed on the pages above then please visit our historic qualifications page or contact the Registration team.

If you wish to review a summary of our previous and latest inspection activity, it can be found on the Review of Education page.