Enhanced CPD supporting documents

You will find below a number of sample documents and templates developed to help you to meet the new requirements of the Enhanced CPD Scheme 2018.

You will need to keep a log of all verifiable CPD undertaken. We have developed an activity log template that covers the minimum requirements to help you.

You will need to produce a personal development plan (PDP). We have developed a PDP template that covers the minimum requirements. We have also produced PDP examples to show how to utilise your PDP depending on your title, roles and the patients you see.

To demonstrate that your CPD activity was verifiable, you will need to retain a CPD certificate that meets the requirements of the Scheme. We have produced a sample CPD certificate to demonstrate the requirements. CPD course providers can also use this sample as guidance for developing their own certificates. (Please note that verifiable CPD completed under the CPD Scheme 2008-2017 will continue to be accepted for CPD completed before 2018, but the record requirements for verifiable CPD differ. See the CPD Scheme 2008-2017 Guidance for further information.)

For CPD to count as verifiable, it must comply with our verifiable CPD requirements. If your foundation or vocational provider, or your CPD provider, is unable to provide certificated evidence, in line with the requirements for verifiable CPD, you might be able to use the verifiable CPD mapping document.

Further information on recording and submitting CPD is also available, along with recommended topics for CPD.