Enhanced CPD supporting documents

We have developed some sample documents and templates to support dental professionals with meeting Enhanced CPD requirements. 

  • Activity log template: to keep a record of the verifiable CPD you complete. You can also use this template to record your reflections.
  • Personal development plan (PDP) template: plan your learning and design your own development while ensuring you’re meeting the minimum CPD requirements.  
  • PDP examples: guidance on how to utilise your PDP, depending on your title, role and the patients you see. 
  • Sample CPD certificate: example of the type of evidence you’ll be given by CPD providers to verify completion of CPD. 
  • Verifiable CPD mapping document: CPD must be verifiable, but there may be times when securing evidence from your CPD provider is not possible e.g. learning during your foundation year. Keep a copy of this document alongside a clear and detailed account of the CPD activity you completed.

Further information