Concerns or complaints about an education or training provider

The GDC has a legal responsibility under the Dentists Act 1984 (as amended) to check the quality of all UK dental and dental care professional (DCP) education and training programmes which lead to registration.

We quality assure programmes to ensure that new entrants to the profession are able to practise independently as safe beginners so that patients treated by students are protected.

If you have concerns that an approved dental training programme is failing to meet the Standards for Education , we may be able to investigate. If a dentistry or DCP programme is found not to be meeting the Standards, the GDC can require the provider to take full and effective remedial action. The final decision on the approval of DCP programmes will be made by the Council. For dentistry programmes, the final decision requires referral to the Privy Council.

Please be aware that the GDC does not have the power to compel providers to change examination grades or classifications of awards, or to offer financial compensation.

You can report any concerns you have by contacting the Quality Assurance team. Further information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.