Is the treatment right and safe for you?

Illustration of dentist looking in patient's mouth

Is the dentist certain the treatment is safe for you?

  • The dentist needs to make sure the treatment is safe for you.
  • Traditionally, you would be seen in person for a dental checkup to make sure of this.
  • One of the reasons for this is that there are some conditions which can make aligners or braces unsafe.
  • If you have one of these conditions, you might not know. And, without an in-person checkup, the dentist might not spot it either.
  • Without seeing you in person, the dentist might not have all the information they need about your oral health. In addition, they may need recent X-rays and your medical history.
  • If the dentist has not seen you for an in-person checkup, it's a good idea to ask them to explain why you don't need one.

If you have done an impression of your own teeth, did you get it right?

  • Did you know that taking an impression of teeth is a dental skill that needs training and practice to reliably get right?
  • A poor impression can lead to poor aligners or braces for you, which could end in dangerous treatment or disappointing results.
  • If the impression has not been taken by a dental professional, it's a good idea to ask the dentist about this.