Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee (otherwise known as Statutory Panellists Assurance Committee - SPC) was established to recruit and oversee the appointment of members to the GDC’s Statutory Committees which make up the GDC’s Fitness to Practise Panel and its Investigating Committee. It is an independent Committee of Council and has delegated powers as set out under the GDC Constitution of Committee Rules 2009.




Appointments Committee

Carol Ashton

Carol Ashton joins the Committee as a lay member who has had a senior Executive career in Human Resources which ...

Appointments Committee

His Honour Phillip Sycamore CBE

His Honour Phillip Sycamore joins the Committee as a lay member and has enjoyed a successful career, firstly as a ...

Appointments Committee

Martyn Green

Martyn studied dentistry at Cardiff where he graduated in 1978. He worked as an Associate before moving to Devon in ...

Appointments Committee

Serbjit Kaur MBE

Serbjit Kaur MBE joins the Committee as a registrant member and brings with her significant experience as a dental practitioner ...

Chair of Appointments Committee

Sir Ross Cranston FBA

Sir Ross Cranston FBA joins the GDC as the Committee Chair. He has enjoyed a very senior and varied career ...