Ensure the public are able to engage effectively with our services

The GDC exists to protect the public and uphold public confidence in dentistry. It is therefore a priority that we consider  the diversity of the United Kingdom in everything we do. In order to achieve this, we recognise that we must take into account a variety of different communication needs. If we cannot use a variety of tools to interact with the public in a person-centred way, there is a risk of a barrier to effective regulation.

We interact with the public on a daily basis, whether that is through our Customer Advice and Information Team, our Dental Complaints Service, our website, or through our FTP casework, to name just a few examples.

How will we achieve this objective?

We will achieve this by:

  • Encouraging, capturing, and understanding the demographics of those groups that engage with us by gathering EDI data at relevant points to the best of our ability.
  • Continuing to review correspondence and resources to ensure these are accessible and use plain English.
  • Continuing our work to understand the diversity of patients and dental service users to the best of our ability.
  • Ensuring our website is accessible to all members of the public.

Examples of how we will measure progress:

How will we monitor success?

  • The amount and quality of EDI monitoring data we hold about those who engage with us improves year on year.
  • We are able to illustrate to the public how capturing EDI data improves the service we provide.
  • Our website is considered a model example amongst health and care regulators.
  • We are initiating conversations/research with the public to actively seek feedback on how we are doing.
  • We have a suite of material available to the public around our EDI commitments and actions.
  • Public confidence in the GDC as a regulator improves year on year.