Certificate of Current Professional Status

The Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) declares the current registration status of a dentist or dental care professional (DCP), and is used by competent authorities when considering applications for registration. The CCPS was introduced, including a uniform approach to the exchange of fitness to practise information, following an agreement between competent authorities from across the EU.  

The CCPS replaced the certificate or letter of good standing.

Obtaining a CCPS from us

If you are moving to work abroad as a dentist or DCP, and the competent authority of the country you are moving to requires a CCPS, please complete the CCPS request form (linked below) to request one.

Form to request a Certificate of Current Professional Status

​​​The original CCPS will be sent directly to the competent authority, and a copy will be sent to your registered address. We can also email a copy directly to your caseworker (we require a direct email account) at the competent authority. Your request will take 10 working days to process.

Information provided in a CCPS

The CCPS is issued to confirm your registration status to a competent authority. We cannot issue at CCPS for erased registrants. The following information is included in a CCPS:

  • First and last names.
  • Nationality.
  • Gender.
  • Registration type.
  • Registration number.
  • DCP categories (titles) currently registered (DCPs only).
  • Registered qualifications.
  • Registered specialties (dentists only).
  • Registered address.
  • Registration status: i.e. registered, registered with conditions or warning, registration suspended, temporary registrant, former temporary registrant, unregistered (administrative or voluntary).

Further information on the registration status of a dental professional can be found by searching the register using their registration number or name. If the dental professional has removed their name from the register after we issued their CCPS, and you would like further information on their registration status, please contact us.

Providing us with a CCPS

If you have practised dentistry abroad before applying to register (or for restoration) with us, you will need to provide a valid CCPS from the last country in which you worked as a dental professional. Please note the CCPS is strictly valid for three months from date of issue.