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Programme modifications

21 November, 2023

The EQA team have continued to develop the programme modification process designed and implemented at the start of 2022. The process is designed to support providers who wish to make changes to existing programmes which do not warrant a full new programme submission. The process allows providers to inform the GDC of planned changes and for the GDC to consider those plans against set criteria for major, medium, and minor change. This has the benefit of the GDC being kept informed of any new information that supports the risk-based approach to the quality assurance work.  

There were three programmes that utilised the programme modification process:

Programme modification     
DentistryDental hygiene and therapyDental technologyClinical dental technologyDental nursingOrthodontic therapy
 1  2 

Name of programmeTypeOutcomeDeadline and detail of any follow up actions or recommendations
Bangor University - diploma in dental nursing
Delivery structure changeInspection 2023Exam inspection 2023
City & Guilds - level 3 extended diploma in dental nursing

Clarification of apprenticeship gateway guidance – this has been simplified.

Grading of assessment components now pass/fail.

Overall grading changed to pass/fail.
Approved 2023Routine monitoring
Dundee University – BSc oral health sciencesChange to programme title and additional teaching modulesApproved 2023Routine monitoring