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Learning outcomes review - safe practitioner

21 November, 2023

Over the last few years we have been working closely with stakeholders to review and revise the learning outcomes which are being taken to Council for approval/which were published in October 2023. It includes an up-to-date definition of a safe beginner that outlines the standard expected of those who qualify in the UK. The learning outcomes have been designed to allow education providers to design their individual curricula using their expertise, ensuring that it is flexible enough to allow for changes in practice. Where an outcome sets an expectation of covering relevant knowledge or skills in a certain area (for example diseases or medicines), a provider’s role is to determine the right areas to teach and assess to the level expected of a safe practitioner. Overlap of content in particular areas of practice, for example content covered in both knowledge and skills in the clinical domain, is deliberate to separate out and clearly define the purpose of each outcome and what is required to be assessed. For the first time we have included outcomes relating to behaviours and attitudes expected of those in a caring profession.

In 2023-24, we will work with stakeholders on the implementation of the updated outcomes.