Patients and the Public

Patient and public survey 2017

Date: 31 July, 2017
​The Patient and Public Survey 2017 provides valuable insights into patients' and the public's awareness and perceptions of the GDC.
The survey includes findings on the following topics:
  • Satisfaction with dental care or treatment.
  • Regulation of dental professionals.
  • Public and patient treatment expectations.
  • Making complaints.
  • Attitudes to serious misconduct.
The survey was carried out by the independent social and market research agency Ipsos MORI, on behalf of the GDC. Fieldwork was carried out between March and July 2017.
This research project employed both quantitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative research is conducted with a statistically representative sample of the UK population and enables conclusions on what the population as a whole thinks about certain issues to be drawn, while the qualitative research enabled a more in-depth exploration of some of the key issues, nuances, motives and thought processes that may be behind the quantitative results. It is conducted with a small sample and is not representative. The results are illustrative rather than definitive.
Survey findings
You can read findings from the survey in the douments available on this page:
The Research Report includes an executive summary and provides the findings and analysis from the survey and interviews in an easy to read format featuring graphs and tables.
The Data Tables provide comprehensive details of all the statistics and data from the survey only and allow for comparison of the report by age, gender, type of patient, socio-economic status, nation within the UK etc.
The Topline document provides a high-level summary of the statistics from the survey only.​


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