Advice for dental professionals raising a concern

All dental professionals have a professional responsibility to report any treatment or behaviour which might pose a risk to patients or colleagues.

A key part of this is ensuring that there is a culture of openness and honesty. Raising a concern should be input that is welcomed rather than tolerated. It is vital that staff raising a concern are listened to and that the information is acted upon. This type of environment benefits patients, colleagues and the wider health service.

Principle 8 of the Standards for the dental team covers raising a concern, providing information on:


For more information or support on raising a concern, there's a free, independent and confidential advice line that is provided by Protect.

Protect are a leading charity who provide advice to workers who are unsure whether or how to raise a public interest concern.

You can contact them using their confidential advice line: 020 3117 2520.

If you're ready to raise a concern, you can complete our form online​.

If your concern is about employment issues, please complete this form.

Independent National Whistleblowing Officer for Scotland (INWO)

The INWO sets standard procedures for handling concerns raised by staff and others working for NHS services in Scotland. 

For more information or support on raising a concern about NHS services in Scotland, please see their website, contact the INWO advice line: 0800 008 6112, email on [email protected] or use our online form.