How do I raise a concern about a dental professional?

Please note: In the current exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, all registrants should comply with current  guidance on COVID-19 from the NHS, GDC and other health bodies when making an appropriate risk assessment on any treatment given.

Where the GDC receives a complaint arising from such treatment and it considers that a registrant has acted in accordance with current guidance on COVID-19, the GDC will not commence an investigation into the registrant’s fitness to practise in relation to that complaint.

If you've read the guidance in Should I raise a concern, and still think the GDC is the right organisation to contact, then you can raise a concern with us through our website.

An easy read leaflet on How to report a concern about a dentist or dental worker is available to download from our website.

There's further advice for dental professionals raising a concern available on our website.

If you're ready to raise a concern, please continue to the first step of the online process.