GDC publishes Costed Corporate Plan 2022

28 April, 2022

As part of the GDC’s approach to strategic planning, we have today published our Costed Corporate Plan 2022 – 2024. This year’s plan sets out what we will do and supports our ambition of creating greater understanding of the relationship between our regulatory activity and the fees that we charge. The plan includes our forecast of income and expenditure for 2022, as well as reporting on our progress in 2021.

The pandemic has continued to impact the work that can be delivered and is still having a significant impact on the dental sector and wider economic landscape. We have continued to deliver our statutory purpose throughout the pandemic, to protect patient safety and ensure that the public have confidence in the services provided by dental professionals. In order to do this, we reprioritised some work to ensure that we operated efficiently and effectively. 

This year’s publication includes:  

  • an update on our corporate strategy, which is in its final year, and details on the progress in developing our new corporate strategy for 2023 – 2025.
  • a review of the 2021 plan, including achievements and progress made, and how we are responding to and living with the pandemic.
  • our work programme for 2022 – 2024, by strategic aim.
  • our forecast expenditure for 2022, which is an increase of 5.8% on 2021. This is due to increasing capacity and capability in our Fitness to Practise and Registration directorates and to address operational activity necessarily deferred because of the pandemic.

This programme of work further progresses our aim of being a fair, transparent and cost-effective regulator.

The report and more information is on our Corporate strategy and business plans page.