Our corporate strategy and business plans

In this section you can see our latest strategy, business plans and annual reports.

Corporate strategy 2020-2022: Right time, right place, right touch

The approach set out across our five strategic aims is captured by the strategy’s title:

  • ‘Right time’, illustrates our focus on developing our approach to upstream regulation.
  • ‘Right place’, reflects our work to support complaint and concern resolution by the correct organisation and to promote local complaint resolution, wherever possible.
  • ‘Right touch’, highlights our commitment to ensuring our enforcement activity and decision-making is evidence based and proportionate.

The GDC’s new approach to strategy development seeks to make the relationship between its regulatory activity and the fees it charges more visible.

Responding to the changing strategic context caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the context in which dental care is provided and received. To be effective in protecting, promoting and maintaining patient safety, wellbeing and confidence in dentistry, the GDC must understand the context in which dental care is provided, now and in the future.

We undertook new work to revisit our strategy, which included developing scenarios for the impact of the pandemic, research and stakeholder engagement. In December 2020, our Council reviewed the summary and outcomes of that work and agreed that the Corporate Strategy should be supplemented to account for the current and ongoing effects of the pandemic. Responding to the changing strategic context, does not replace our current strategy, but instead highlights the features of the impact of the pandemic and how GDC is adapting to the new context of dental care and public protection.

However much the surrounding context in which we work changes, our role remains the same: we protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of the public, and uphold professional standards and confidence in the dental team.

Our strategic aims

The experience of adapting to the new context has demonstrated to us that our aims need to be more succinctly expressed so that it is clearer how we prioritise our efforts. Therefore, we have taken this opportunity to simplify the wording, but not change the intent, of our strategic aims so that our role in the system is clearer.

We aim to operate a regulatory system which protects patients and is fair to registrants through:

1.  Career-long upstream regulation that upholds standards for safe dental professional practice and conduct.
2.  Resolution of patient concerns at the right time, in the right place.
3.  Right-touch regulatory decision-making for our enforcement action.
4.  Maintaining and developing our model of regulation in preparation for reform of our legislation.
5.  An outcome-focused, high performing and sustainable organisation.

The new features of the changing context mean we will be shifting our emphasis as we undertake the work to achieve our strategic aims.

Costed Corporate Plan 2022

Our Costed Corporate Plan 2022 sets out what we will do and supports our ambition of creating greater understanding of the relationship between our regulatory activity and the fees that we charge. The plan includes our forecast of income and expenditure for 2022, as well as reporting on our progress in 2021.

It includes:

  • an update on our corporate strategy, which is in its final year, and details on the progress in developing our new corporate strategy for 2023 – 2025.
  • a review of the 2021 plan, including achievements and progress made, and how we are responding to and living with the pandemic.
  • our work programme for 2022 – 2024, by strategic aim.
  • our forecast expenditure for 2022, which is an increase of 5.8% on 2021. This is due to increasing capacity and capability in our Fitness to Practise and Registration directorates and to address operational activity necessarily deferred because of the pandemic.   

You can also download last years' Costed Corporate Plan 2021