GDC publishes Costed Corporate Plan 2021

18 May, 2021
GDC publishes Costed Corporate Plan 2021

As part of the GDC’s approach to strategic planning, and further to the work we undertook to revisit our Corporate Strategy 2020-2022: Right time, right place, right touch, that resulted in a simplification to the wording of our strategic aims, we today publish our Costed Corporate Plan 2021.

This year’s plan supports our ambition of creating greater understanding of the relationship between our regulatory activity by strategic aim, and the fees that we charge, and includes our forecast of income and expenditure for 2021. It includes: 

  • an update following the review of our Corporate Strategy, completed considering the changing strategic context caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • a summary of progress and the key projects completed in 2020, including details of our response to the pandemic and the additional unplanned work that we completed
  • details of the planned work programme for the Costed Corporate Plan 2021 – 2023, by strategic aim.

This programme of work further progresses our aim of being a fair, transparent and cost-effective regulator that intervenes at the right time, in the right place and with the right touch. 

Find the report and more information on our Corporate strategy and business plans page.