Request a GDC speaker or presentation

We understand the importance of meeting people face-to-face and want to do more of this kind of engagement. So, if you’re organising an event and would like a speaker or contribution from the GDC, please fill-in the form below to make your request.

Our goal is to expand on the number of dental professionals we see each year, to disseminate learning, share our research findings and increase collaborative working. We want to participate in dentistry events, shows, discussions, conferences and meetings involving dental professionals.

If you would like someone from the GDC to attend your next event, please complete the fields below in as much detail as possible and submit. Ideally, you should make your request at least four weeks ahead of your event. Our stakeholder engagement team will endeavour to respond to your request within two weeks.

Please also note, that while we endeavour to attend as many meetings as we can, we do have limited resources, so may need to decline some requests.