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Our role, purpose and responsibilities

02 February, 2023

We protect the public. This is a role given to us by Parliament and set out in the Dentists Act.

To protect the public, at its most basic, we do four things:  

  • set and support high professional standards in dental education and practice
  • maintain a register of dental professionals who meet our standards
  • ensure that nobody is admitted to that list if they do not meet our standards
  • act to protect the public if any dental professional falls short of our standards.
Our role and functions are set out in legislation. The objectives set for us by Parliament are at the core of everything we do, and in some areas of our work the legislation also prescribes in some detail how we should deliver those objectives. But within those objectives, the Council also has considerable discretion about the priorities it sets and the way in which it delivers its statutory objectives. We have consulted on this strategy to help inform choices about our priorities and the use of our resources to be allocated for delivery of our Costed Corporate Plan.