Review a case examiners' decision

In some cases, you can apply for a review of a decision reached by case examiners.

If you are a dental professional, and case examiners have decided to issue you with a warning, you can apply for a review within 28 days of the date of the notice. The Registrar can also request a review.

Case examiners will consider if there is evidence that:

  • the original decision to issue a warning was incorrect
  • new information received shows that it was not appropriate to issue a warning.

You can apply for a review of a decision to refer a case to a practice committee at the Dental Professionals Hearings Service if you are:

  • the dental professional involved
  • the person who raised the issues or concern
  • the Registrar.

Case examiners may review a decision when referred back to them by the practice committee. Case examiners consider if there is a real prospect of the allegation being proved, and if so whether it would suggest that the dental professional’s fitness to practise is affected.

Case examiners will decide if the referral should be:

  • withdrawn
  • maintained
  • referred to a different practice committee.

Case examiners may review a decision where they decided an allegation (in full or part) should not be considered by a practice committee.