Restoring your name to the register

If you're no longer registered because you have been working abroad, taken a career break, or been removed from the register for non completion of CPD, non compliance of indemnity or for not paying the annual retention fee and you would like to practise in the UK, you will need to apply for restoration to the register.

How do I apply for restoration?

To apply for restoration, you will need to send us a completed restoration form, pay the restoration fee, and send CPD evidence and a letter of good standing if necessary (see below).

You can download the appropriate application form from the related documents section on this page.

Please note, as of 31 January 2017 all applications must be completed using the current forms (October 2016). We will no longer accept any other previous versions.

How much does it cost?

How much restoration costs depends on when you wish to restore your name to the Register. If you return your restoration form to us in the two months before the annual retention fee  for your profession is due, you will also need to include this in your payment. This will ensure you are registered for the following registration year. 

Restoration fees

Do I need to send any evidence of continuing professional development (CPD)?

Whether you will need to send in any CPD evidence depends on how long you have been off the Register and if your cycle has ended in that time. Find out more in the CPD guidance booklet.

Do I need to provide a letter of good standing?

You will need to provide a letter of good standing if you have been practising overseas during the time you have been off the Register. This should be from the relevant authority of the country or state in which you last practised. 

Do I need to demonstrate evidence of knowledge of the English Language?

If you have been registered by the GDC and then you leave the register for whatever reason, including if you have failed to pay the Annual Retention Fee, we must be satisfied that you have the necessary knowledge of English before we can restore your name to the register. In these circumstances we will apply the criteria for determining whether you have the necessary knowledge of English which is required for registration.

If you are a UK-qualified applicant returning to the register, you may not need to provide additional evidence or information if we are satisfied about your knowledge of English from your application.

How long will it take?

It will take up to 10 working days to assess your application from the date we receive it. Please note that delays can occur if the form is not completed correctly and/or if there are any concerns raised within your application which will require us to assess it further before we can register you.
Kindly ensure that you have included all requested documents to avoid longer processing times.

I have been practising in the UK while I was off the Register, what should I do?

If you were working in the UK while your name was erased from the Register, you will need to explain the circumstances in a letter.  If this has occurred you are advised to contact your solicitor or defence organisation before submitting your application.

Can I restore my name after erasure by the professional conduct committee (PCC)?

Since 31 July 2006 when the Dentists Act 1984 was amended, the PCC has operated under two parallel legal systems. If a complaint was received by the GDC before 31 July 2006 then the case is considered under ‘old rules’; if it was received after 31 July 2006 then it is considered under ‘new rules’.
A dental professional whose name has been erased from the Register under the 'old rules' may apply for restoration to the Register 10 months after they have been erased. The applicant may also submit testimonials from persons of standing in support of the application. Under the ‘new rules' a dental professional may apply for restoration 5 years after they have been erased.
To assist the PCC in considering these applications, the Council's solicitor first recalls the evidence which led to the erasure. The dental professional applying to be restored to the Register may then address the committee and call witnesses in support of the application. The applicant may be represented by counsel or a solicitor at the hearing.
Under the 'new rules' the PCC may decide to restore a practitioner's name subject to certain conditions. The committee may also decide to impose these conditions with immediate effect.

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