ORE Part 1

​Part 1 is designed to test candidates’ application of knowledge to clinical practice. 

​£806​King's College London​200per exam


It consists of two computer-based exam papers: 

  • Paper A covers clinically applied dental science and clinically applied human disease

  • Paper B covers aspects of clinical dentistry, including law and ethics and health and safety

Each paper lasts 3 hours and is made up of Multiple Short Answer questions (Extended Matching Questions and Single Best Answer Questions).

You must pass both papers in order to progress to Part 2.

You will be allowed four attempts for Part 1.


​April 2017​4th - 7th
​August 2017

​1st - 4th
​​April 2018
​3rd - 6th ​​
July - August 2018
31st - 3rd


Your exam results will be sent to you by email. We will endeavour to release the results to you within 20 working days of the examination.

You will be given a percentage mark out of 100 for Paper 1 and for Paper 2, as well as an overall pass or fail award. As the examination is taken at a computer, the results are calculated as soon as you click 'submit'. This ensures there is no room for error in this marking system and so we do not offer the opportunity of questioning the marks awarded.

The GDC is not able to provide you with any feedback on your performance in this examination. However, approximately 40 working days after the examination, the Part 1 Supplier, King's College London, will provide you with result feedback.

Upon passing Part 1, your name will be added to the Part 2 candidate list.

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