Our response to the government's consultation on provisional registration

16 May, 2024

We have welcomed the government’s consultation on provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists, as it represents a valuable opportunity for overseas dentists to demonstrate their skills and experience under supervision, while adapting to the UK practice environment. 

We have, today, published our response to the proposals.  

We believe it is important that the proposed legislation provides the right framework for the further work required to develop the rules and system, in collaboration with other stakeholders. Our response to the government includes a number of suggestions for amendments to the draft legislation to ensure that provisional registration can work safely and effectively, including in areas such as assessment, quality assurance and supervision, and in ensuring that provisional registration aligns with existing regulatory processes, such as CPD and fitness to practise.

Ensuring that all those who join the dental professional registers have the skills and experience to practise safely and effectively is fundamental to the GDC’s role as a regulator of dental professionals, and key to maintaining patient safety and public confidence in the profession. 

Stefan Czerniawski, Executive Director, Strategy said:

“The government’s proposal for provisional registration represents the most substantial change to dental regulation in many years. It is essential that it is introduced in a way which protects patient safety and provides effective support and supervision for the internationally-qualified dentists who become provisional registrants. 

“The legislative framework published by the government does much of what is necessary to make that possible, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to suggest ways in which it could be improved.

“Putting the enabling legislation in place is the essential first step, but there will then be a great deal more detailed work to be done, in close collaboration with other organisations across dentistry, to design, develop and implement a system to deliver provisional registration in practice.”

Our response to DHSC on provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists