GDC publishes its Costed Corporate Plan for 2024

30 April, 2024

We have today published our Costed Corporate Plan 2024 – 2026. This year’s plan sets out what we will do over the next three years and includes our forecast of income and expenditure for 2024, as well as reporting on our progress in 2023.  

Our plan for 2024 – 2026 will enable us to continue to deliver against our regulatory remit. We will continue to focus on ensuring that dental regulation is efficient and effective and adapts to the changing external environment, and that we have the right systems, processes, and technology in place. Improving our effectiveness and efficiency should free capacity and enable us to shift more of our resource towards preventing harm to patients and the public, rather than responding to the consequences of it.  

This year’s publication includes: 

  • A review of the 2023 plan, including a summary of some of the key achievements and progress made. 
  • A summary of the 36 projects on the 2024 – 2026 work programme, by strategic aim. 
  • Our forecast expenditure and income for 2024 – 2026.  
  • Details of the annual retention fees and registration application fees for 2024. These fees have been set at a level that ensures we can continue to fulfil our statutory role of maintaining patient safety and public confidence for the next year.

The full report can be found on the reports section of our website.  

This year’s plan supports our ambition of creating a greater understanding of the relationship between our regulatory activity by strategic aim, and the fees that we charge.